Saturday, August 13, 2016

Session 1

The day had started out beautiful. The fesitval of Armasse had just begun ...
... and then all went black ...

Slowly, with a painful throbbing in their heads and multiple aches, and pains thoughout their bodies, our heroes awoke in complete blackness. Opening their eyes didn't improve the situation much at all. They found themselves in a collapsed cavern somewhere under Kenabres, though how far underneath was a question currently unanswerable. After several minutes they found all who had lived through the event and took stock of who was there and who was injured:
Zaigon - an aasimar paladin of Iomedae and possibly suffering a head injury.
Llyrana - an elven hunter with her companion tiger, Sangaha, both unijured.
Black Mage - a wizard of some unidentifiable race, also uninjured.
Haligon - another aasimar in service to Iomedae as a cleric, no injuries visible.
Anevia Tirabade - a semi-retired rogue who settled in Kenabres after marrying Irabeth, a half-orc crusader. She is currently wounded with a severe broken leg. She is friendly to our heroes since they helped her and did not leave her to her fate.
Aravashnial - an elven wizard of some ability, though the trauma of the cave in has cleared his memory of all spells. He holds the heores in good regards due to their actions toward the other two (and himself) non-combatants.
Horgus Gwerm - a wealthy aristocrat from one of the minor noble families of Kenabres. At first, being only superficially wounded from the fall, he was an insufferable sot. But since the giant fly attack nearly killed him and the heroes saved and healed him, he is now a bit less full of complaints and even thanked the heroes for their attendance to him (and the others).

After remembering that Khorramzadeh, a balor lord sometimes called the Storm King of the Worldwound, had orchestrated an all-out attack of Kenabres which resulted in the killing of the silver dragon Terendelev and that said dragon saved them from a crushing death at the expense of her own, they found some of the dragon's scales that continued to be infused with magical properties. The group then left the chamber to explore the two narrow passageways out in search of a way to the surface.

Exploration was slow - mainly due to Anevia's broken leg. While she was able to "walk" without aid, she was quite slow. But this slow pace seemed to be a bit of a blessing, for the group was able to mainly come away unscathed from encounters with the local denizens, mainly giant maggots, giant cockroaches, darkmantles, giant flys, and cave vipers. Plus they also had found some extra supplies along the way - most assurdly items that were left by a recently deceased owner - more victims of the demons' attacks on the surface.

Down one side passage, they found an old, abandoned temple to Torag, where they were able to find refuge once they defeated the undead occupant. The place allowed them to get some much needed rest. They even cleaned and prayed in the temple to help re-consecrate it to the lawful good gods. This act was received well and in return for their acts, they were given a blessing in their dreams which continued to anoint them for the next 24 hours.

Next they found an ancient cavern with stone statues carved into the walls. Aravashneil became quite excited at this find since it gave credence to an old legend that described the time when some Abyssal-plagued crusaders of the first crusade left Kenabres and went underground. They were mutated from the evil energies and decided that the good folk above did not need them around to remind them of what had been lost. From the looks of all the statues, Aravashneil thinks that there may be a thriving community of these mongrelmen still living down here somewhere.

Lastly, the group had ventured into a cavern occupied by a mad dwarven wizard, who attemtped to ambush and kill them, but ultimately was unsuccessful at it. With the death of the mad wizard, our heroes had now gathered some treasure that, while not extremely helpful in their current predicament, will prove valuable to those in a civilized society.

This is where we have to leave our group of heroes until next time...

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