Monday, October 24, 2016

Session 5

...After their well deserved rest at Defender's Heart....
Our heroes geared up as much as was possible with their limited funds and even more so limited supplies at Defenders heart. But soon they were now back on the hunt for cultists and made their way to the Tower of Estrod.

On the way there, they saw a truly pathetic site:
The rubble has been cleared away from the street here, and an improvised stage made of several partially destroyed wagons and carts has been erected in the middle of the street. On this stage stand four frightened-looking men and women, each armed with jagged broken weapons and clad in bits and pieces of dented, bloody armor. Two quasits flap about nearby as they work to stage a “play” of sorts comprising battles between their victims. Each of the humans appear to be in very bad shape. Four more dead men and women lie scattered about the cleared area — no dobut other victims of the quasits.

Once the heroes made themselves known - by attacking with arrows and other ranged attacks, the quasits ordered their "actors" to attack the group and proceeded to fly aroound and attack our heroes while using their ability to go invisible.

But the antics of the quasits didn't save their evil hides for long - our heroes were able to kill them, sending them back to the Abyss where they belong without harming the traumatized commomers. They took the extra time to show them the way to the relative safety of Defender's Heart before continuing their search for cultists at the old Tower of Estrod.

Once there, they found that the upper levels of the tower had been destroyed but it seemed that at least the ground floor had survived the destruction. The door was locked shut so the group decided to know and try the password they found in the letter that Hosilla had - and it worked! They were let in without question and treated like fellow cultists until our heroes attacked and proceeded to wipe out the evilness that was residing here. The battle included a couple of cultitst on the ground level and after they were dispatched, the local leader was in the basement. He put up a better fight, but not enough to save his own skin from death. Among the possessions of the cultists they found more notes and files that would prove very useful to the crusaders' efforts to beat back the Worldwound.

Our heroes decided to head back to Defenders heart and report on their progress and take a short rest before going after the third and hopefully last of the cultists' safehouses...

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